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Why should I replace my CABIN AIR FILTER?


A CLEAN Cabin Air Filter is IMPORTANT for YOU! & for your car’s AIR CONDITIONING!

Replacing the car's Cabin Air Filter on a REGULAR basis, ensures that you and your loved ones are BREATHING CLEAN AIR inside the vehicle, and assures that your Air Conditioning works EFFECTIVELY all year around.

  • The Cabin Air Filter CLEANS the AIR being flowed in the passenger compartment.


  • The Cabin Air Filter essential for the vehicle’s Air Conditioning system. The air going through the filter must likewise stream over the A/C Evaporator, which operates at freezing temperatures, to stop ice buildup. If the air stops flowing, the ice constructs and the A/C stops air conditioning. Inside the car, you'll notice much less air coming from the vents, and the air you do feel will not be as cold.


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