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Why did your car AC stop working?

There are 3 Major Reasons why Your Car Air Conditioner Is not working:

•    LOW or LEAKING REFRIGERANT- Low refrigerant can prevent the vehicle's AC system from blowing out cool, refreshing air. 

•    DAMAGED or WORN OUT COMPRESSOR - The Compressor is the MAIN component of the Vehicle's AC, it is Circulating the refrigerant to cool the air, so when it's worn out or damaged, the AC system will not work properly.


The best way TO PROLONG the life of your compressor is to run it for at least 10 MINUTES A MONTH, even when the temperature outside doesn't require you to.

•    BROKEN COOLING FAN - When the car is parked, or is not driving at high speed, the AC uses a cooling fan to provide adequate airflow to the car. Like all car parts, the cooling fan can get damaged or worn down, causing it to stop functioning correctly. The main reasons behind a broken cooling fan are dust and debris blocking it, or a blown fuse. If you're experiencing problems with your AC - WE CAN HELP YOU!


CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100 and Set up a FREE of CHARGE AC system Inspection & Estimate!


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