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Our Experts technicians, LOVE cars! and they ENJOY to Fix & Tune them!!


They Are well TRAINED and very EXPERIENCED handling the followings:

• Performing a WIDE range of automotive repairs.


• Capable of diagnosing and repairing ALL makes/models of vehicles.

• Review TSB's - recommended procedures for repairing vehicles or other Service recommendations and translate it to   customer needs.

• Evaluate vehicles HONESTLY, and build a DETAILED ESTIMATE of necessary repairs.

• Address and Communicating any concerns from customers, discuss with them Cause and Correction regarding their         vehicle, while Maintaining Professionalism, Care & Friendly service.

• Master MFG level diagnostic tools & Experience with Dealership diagnostic equipment.

The Professional Technicians at MOBILEX AUTOMOTIVES are set up for success:

• They are working in a Clean and well-organized facility.

• Having ongoing training.

• Operating The newest and most advanced tools and equipment systems.



Our Professional Technicians are Energetic, Upbeat and having a Positive attitude. They are trained and experienced to find out solutions to complicated problems doing it with a strong desire and passion to serve our clients for doing what's right for them.

We LOVE to hear from you! & take Good Care of your car! - CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100.



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