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How do I choose a GOOD auto repair shop?


Our car is usually the SECOND large investment that we make after our home, obviously, we are looking for an Honest. Reliable, & a Professional Auto care center whom we can trust with our Safety, Time & Money.


Here are the questions that can assure you what type of Auto care center you are dealing with:

  • How many YEARS have they been in business

         Mobilex Automotives AKA the Auto Clinic has been in business Since 2010.

  • How many years of EXPERIENCE do they have?

        The combining Experience of all the Experts working at the Mobilex Automotives is more than 50 YEARS of Experience.

  • Do they GUARANTEE their work?

         ABSOLUTELY! Mobilex Automotives Guaranteed EVERY Work & Parts done on the client’s car.

  • What sort of WARRANTIES do they offer?

         Mobilex Automotives provide the FULL guarantee that the Manufactures providing for Parts & The Dealership providing for Labor.

  • How is Their PRICES?

         EXCELLENT PRICES! The Service provided by Mobilex Automotives is at the car Dealer LEVEL and the price is 25% BELOW the Dealer!!

  • Are all of their mechanics ASE-certified?

         YES! ALL the mechanics working at Mobilex Automotives are ASE certified.

  • How is their YELP Reviews?

        Mobilex Automotives / AKA The Auto Clinic GAIN the 1st SPOT on Yelp for SEVERAL YEARS in a row!! Due to its OUTSTANDING SERVICE & REVIEWS!!

  • What types of PARTS do they use: new, used, OEM, after-market?

        Mobilex Automotives using Original-New, OEM, & After-market parts – ALL upon the customer's Preference,  Budget, & Goals.

  • What types of work do they SPECIALIZE in?

        Mobilex Automotives specializes in ALL vehicle’s Mechanic Repairs, Services, Maintenance, & Tires.

  • Is their ESTIMATE Free of charge?

        YES! At Mobilex Automotives ALL Estimates are FREE!

  • Do they offer FREE car Checkup?

        DEFINITELY! Mobilex Automotives Offers FREE COURTESY CHECK.

  • Are there certain types of INSPECTIONS that you'll have to pay for?

        YES! Mobilex Automotives offers COMPREHENSIVE inspection that goes FAR BEYOND our Courtesy Check. If  there is any repair recommendation, and the repair is done at Mobilex Automotives, the FULL amount of the Comprehensive Inspection will be Refunded and the Comprehensive Inspection will be for FREE!

  • Do they a Free SHUTTLE while your car is in the shop?

        ABSOLUTELY! Mobilex Automotives Offers FREE Shuttle in Irvine and Tustin to clients who have left their car for more than 2 hours.

  • Do they GUARANTEE their estimates?

        DEFINITELY! Mobilex Automotives GUARANTEES their Estimate.

  • What are their PAYMENT Options?

        Mobilex Automotives accepts ALL major Credit Cards, Checks & Cash.

  • Is their WAITING AREA Clean?

​        ABOVE & BEYOND! The Lobby at Mobilex Automotives is Modern, Neat, Colorful, Decorated, & Cozy, With comfy Sofas, Working counter & Bar-stools.

  • Do they have WIFI for Clients that are waiting for their car service?

        ABSOLUTELY! Mobilex Automotives offers FREE High-Speed Internet to its clients.

  • Do they have COMPLEMENTARY Drinks?

        YES! Mobilex Automotives offers COMPLIMENTARY Water & Delicious Coffee to its client.

       We LOVE to hear from you! & take Good Care of your car! - CALL / TEXT US NOW - (949) 392-5100. 



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